Ken Greenfield

My name is Ken Greenfield.  I have been teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced intermediate players since the mid 1970s.  I have taught tennis in Ct and NY. For the past 14 years I have taught for both Dave Kardas and Greg Sansonetti both of whom operate Fairfield County tennis.  I have also taught in Mt Pleasant , NY  and New York City in various tennis various tennisp programs.

I grew up in Danbury Ct and was #1 player for Danbury HS in the early 1970s.  As a result, I became very familiar with fairfield county as our matches were played in all the Fairfield County towns.  In 1975, I won the Danbury men’s singles title.  In the 1990s I won many doubles titles along with a couple singles titles at the club I belonged to at the time, Twin Oaks in Chappaqua, NY.

In 1993, I decided to further my tennis knowledge and teaching techniques and became a certified USPTR (United States Professional Tennis Registry – most recently changed to PTR) tennis instructor.   This gave me invaluable and useful tennis education and  training to help tennis students at any level.

I believe that 3 of the  most important qualities of a tennis instructor are;  1) being creative,  2) making the lesson fun for the student(s) and 3) providing encouragement and positive feedback throughout the lesson.   I have incorporated these qualities into my teaching and enjoy seeing my students make progress.  I have recently completed my 3rd summer at OGRCC (a site in Fairfield) and look forward to next summer`s tennis camp.  In the meantime,  have a wonderful rest of summer.