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Registration for Indoor Tennis is available online!!

Phone: (203) 640-1724
Cancellation Line: (203) 268-1071


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Easton Indoor Junior Tennis Clinics- 3JuniorGrade K -15 weeks3/2/23Thursday3:50pm$95
Easton Indoor Junior Tennis Clinics- 3JuniorGrade 2 - 45 weeks3/2/23Thursday4:30pm$140
Easton Spring Tennis ClinicsJuniorGrade 2 - 45 weeks4/28/23Friday5:00pm$140
Easton Spring Tennis ClinicsJuniorGrades K-25 weeks4/28/23Friday5:00pm$140
Easton Spring Tennis Clinics JuniorsJuniorGrades K-25 weeks4/28/23Friday3:50pm$140
Additional Information

Easton Parks & Rec new policy: Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. Any late registrations (not listed on a roster) must show a paid receipt on the first day of a camp/clinic to participate. There will be no exceptions. Non-residents: additional fees apply