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Hi Greg, I just wanted to warmly thank for the amazing experience my kids had at the tennis camp this year. The personal attention the players received, the knowledge and skill level of the coaches, the attention to little details, the videos captured of the players techniques, the communication among the coaches regarding their trainees as well as with parents, and the support and professionalism of you and your staff were all outstanding. My kids attended 6 weeks of tennis camps and still couldn’t get enough. They had great time and have shown great improvement in every aspect of the sport. They enjoyed being at your camp and liked all their coaches and teammates. We’ve been in all the programs you offer at Fairfield County Tennis (winter sessions at NYA, spring and fall sessions in Newtown, and summer camps) and they were all nothing but outstanding. Keep up the great work!


Newtown, CT

My daughter, Olivia, began playing tennis at 4 years old with Fairfield County Tennis through our parks and rec. Over the past four years she has developed her tennis skills and a love of the game. She’s also made friends with many children she wouldn’t know otherwise. Her favorite part of the program is summer camp where she can play and swim. She loves the coaches and always looks forward to getting onto the court!


Our daughter just started with Fairfield County Tennis and she has fun every time she plays. Our son has been with them for years and his enthusiasm and skills have continued to grow. The coaches are excellent and it is always a great group of kids.


My son has been taking lessons with FCT for three years. The programs and instructors are wonderful. When he started at age 6 he had never held a racquet and now three years later he is playing at an intermediate level. The class sizes are small and they provide individualized instruction to each child. After not playing for over 20 years, I started taking the adult class in the fall and am enjoying learning new skills and improving my game.


The tennis program at Fairfield County Tennis is wonderful! Our daughters have been taking outdoor and indoor lessons for four years, starting with the summer camp. The Director, Greg Sansonetti, works diligently to ensure that players are placed in appropriate level classes consisting of kids with similar skills. Furthermore, I can’t say enough about the coaching staff, especially Jim Cole, Oleta, and Jason. We are very happy with the quality of instruction our daughters receive from these coaches! While they teach with patience and kindness, they demonstrate dedication to each student by observing and instructing carefully and individually. We look forward to seeing our daughters progress even further under their guidance!


Newtown, CT

Greg and his team of coaches have worked with my 3 kids for years and have met their individual needs at each of their various ages and stages of tennis development. When my kids were beginners, the coaches helped them build a strong skill foundation and got them excited about the sport. As they each gained more experience the coaches challenged them and fostered their interest by pushing them while keeping it fun. Fairfield County Tennis has instilled in my kids a love for the sport that I believe will last a lifetime.

Reghan Smith

Monroe, CT