Jason Walder

Jason began playing tennis at the age of 12. He began right handed and after a year his coach switched him to left handed seeing that he was significantly more powerful throwing lefty.

Jason played USTA tournaments from age 14-18. He was ranked top ten in the Philadelphia metro area in 18 and understand and achieved a top 50 ranking in middle states.

Jason went on to play a year of college tennis. He played division 1 at the university of Pittsburgh by walking onto their team unrecruited, almost beating their #1 singles player in a very close 3 set match. After that experience he was offered a scholarship at Pitt but transferred and was recruited by Skidmore college where he played a half a season.

Jason is passionate about tennis. As a personal trainer, he combines his personal training knowledge (he has been a certified personal fitness coach for 23 years through the national academy of sports medicine) with his tennis teaching to develop both juniors and adults. He has experience working with pee wees ranging in age from 2 to 6 as well as adults of all ages.

Additionally, Jason competes in USTA tournaments in both singles and doubles. It is his passion to teach and coach others and make them better.