Bethel Parks & Recreation

Stay well, be safe. Outdoor tennis will be back in Spring 2021!

Phone: (203) 414-9453
Cancellation Line: (203) 794-8531
Alt. Cancellation Line: (203) 283-5629
Additional Information

The following will be in place on and off the court:
1) Children must wear a face mask from the parking lot until they arrive at their assigned tennis court. Once set up on assigned courts, masks can be removed.
2) Children will be directed to use the provided hand sanitizer before and after playing tennis.
3) Parents must stay in their cars to drop off and pick up.
4) Children will be asked to stay at least 6 feet apart from one another at all times.
5) No more than 5 children will be grouped on a tennis court.
6) Each group of children must remain grouped together for the entire week – no exceptions.
7) There will not be any field games during the camp.
8) Children will be directed to avoid picking up tennis balls during camp. Instructors will be responsible for picking up all tennis balls.
9) We will encourage the use of sunglasses for children while playing tennis for added eye protection.
10) No make-ups for sickness or any other reason, other than rain.
Please note there are no exceptions. There will be no pro-rating.
Your child’s safety and that of our staff is of the utmost importance to us during this difficult time. Please abide by these mandatory protocols to ensure the safety of everyone on the tennis court.